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Accelerate drug development, start with VIRTUALMAN

VIRTUALMAN integrates AI into drug development by offering precise in-silico testing based on auto-feature-extraction models.

Why our service

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Reliable prediction

With our powerful auto-feature-extraction algorithms, we can find more information from structures than traditional Fingerprints do, and the accuracy rate of our prediction is much better than other solutions.

Time-saving solutions

Using our reliable prediction services at the early stage will let you know which compound may fail at the pre-clinical stage. You can then optimize it or give it up early to avoid unnecessary time costs.

Reasonable suggestion

Are you tired of black-box machine learning models? Our explainable AI tells you why the compounds will fail in the future pre-clinical tests. The AI works even better with our consultation on your final decisions.

ADDD platform

Save time with our ADDD platform and AI experts

We prepare the highly integrated AI services for you: our ADDD(AI-Driven Drug Development) platform can automatically optimize the compound with several endpoints simultaneously, speeding up the drug development. Our consultants guide you to integrate AI into your drug development and develop your proprietary machine learning models that bring you with the candidates.


Analyze your candidates with VIRTUALMAN in 3 simple steps

VIRTUALMAN contains dozens of endpoints, such as ADME (e.g. Caco-2 permeability, CYP inhibition), toxicity(e.g. hERG, mutagenicity), pharmacokinetics(e.g. volume of distribution, clearance) etc., helping you find druggable compounds instantly.


Build your own AI.
Just need a little effort.

Our prediction service is highly performed and widely applicable. However, if you have some in-vivo/in-vitro data, we can combine your data with ours to generate even more accurate prediction. Customized services will be charged based on the scope of your projects.

Experience the benefits of AI technology, contact our consultants for more information!

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