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Customized AI

Build your own AI
Just need a little effort

Service process

We will design your proprietary AI solutions with the best algorithm, and build them to meet your need.

Specify requirement





Gather & analyze data
Collect & clean public data
Design proprietary model
Select suitable machine learning algorithms
Train customized model
Offering in-house data will boost more powerful AI
Integrate specific requirements
Merge your in-house data into the AI model

What else

We provide not only the well-performed AI but also other benefits.

Proprietary model with explainable results

Different from the solutions on the market, our algorithm ensures the explainable results and helps you optimize the compounds more precisely and reasonably.

Solutions on private cloud or hosting service

We provide total solutions on your private cloud or just build them on VIRTUALMAN Cloud with our hosting service, allowing you to focus on your business and the efficacy of AI models.

Contact our scientists, build the first AI model to improve the drug development.