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Analyze your candidates with VIRTUALMAN in 3 simple steps


An online platform for prediction of ADMET/PK analyzes your compounds with rigor, reliability, and no effort.

Easy to access
Easy to access

We care about your experiences when you use our platform. The user- friendly platform keeps the analytical procedure easy and smooth.

Completely web-based
Completely web-based

We design the platform as a portable application to avoid all the hassle. Just open your browser and log in with your account.

High security
High security

Built with Security by Design, the platform ensures well-protected transfer and storage of your data.

Pay per use
Pay per use

You only pay for what you use. No registration fees or pre-paid charges.


We offer three tiers of prices for most of typical scenarios. You can flexibly manage your costs.


Flexible and comprehensive solutions for different stages in research & development

Usage and pricing

Get our services at fair prices. The more you use, the less you pay for one compound.

Number of compounds




Basic plan
You pay for what you use per compound / endpoint
Ideal for selecting your candidates

100-compound plan
Save 30% per compound when you test over 100 compounds
Ideal for ranking the compounds for in-vivo/in-vitro testing

1,000-compound plan
Save 70% per compound when you have over 1,000 compound
Ideal for replacing the high-throughput screening


We provide various endpoints, such as pharmacokinetics(PK) profile, Caco-2, permeability, BBB permeability, Liver microsomal, stability, CYP inhibitor/substrate, P-gp inhibitor/substrate, Rat acute toxicity(LD50), Cytotoxicity, Hepatotoxicity, Cardiotoxicity, Mutagenicity(AMES), Carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, sensitivity, irritation, solubility, pKa

Outcome indicators

According to the corresponding assessments, VIRTUALMAN provides either binary or numerical results of prediction, facilitating analysis and optimization of your compounds.





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