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Webinar - Insight into AI in Pharma & AI-driven drug development

Webinar Bio Asia 09, July, 2021

WELCOME to join the webinar with VIRTUALMAN C.T.O. & C.E.O.


We will be presenting the Insight into AI in Pharma and AI-driven drug development, and releasing the FREE trial version of ADMET/PK prediction and Automatic Multi-parameter optimization.



The webinar will be held on AM 10:00 (GMT+8) on 22 July 2021. 



Insight into AI in Pharma

C.T.O. Hsin Liu


AI-driven drug development

C.E.O Yun-Cheng Tien


If you have other enquiries, please contact us at (https://virtualman.ai/home/contact-us).

Thank you.





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